A beautiful experience with an articulate, graceful, experienced instructor.  I would highly recommend South Perry Yoga to anyone looking for an excellent yoga experience!


​​Kathryn Hapke-MinerBS, E-RYT 200

Kathryn has been teaching and practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow styles of yoga for over 20 years in California, Oregon and Washington.  Her initial training was through Yoga Works in Los Angeles, and advanced trainings with Peter Sterios of San Luis Obisbo, Ca.  Since, she has studied throughout the US and abroad in Mysore, India with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.  Kathryn's teaching style cultivates strength and an ongoing exploration of challenging asana.  


Bill Aal

Bill is an advocate and organizer for social justice as well as a teacher of Applied Meditation.  Applied Meditation works with intuition, imagination and mindfulness to support people to heal themselves and the world.  Bill is a co -founder of Tools for Change which provides consulting, facilitation, mediation and training. We help individuals and organizations address issues of power, embrace cultural diversity and tap into intuitive and creative resources. Our approach weaves together deep reflection, sharing stories and heartfelt dialog that inspires generosity of spirit and collective genius.

Bill Aal Co-author of Practical Meditation for Busy Souls

Bill is your guide for our SUN 5:30p Energy Circles, helping you move through the world in alignment with your vision. They are a way to reflect on your life and the world and focus collective attention on the vision you hold and to energize it. This is a wonderful way to build community and to get support in your life and work.



Called by their passion for dancing, six people came together in 2018 to form the Ecstatic Dance Spokane Collective and create a freeform, expressive dance community in Spokane.  In support of our mission, we host regular Ecstatic Dance events at The Buddhio each month on the first and third Sunday mornings and the fourth Saturday night.  We also serve the larger community by organizing special events to benefit local non-profits, giving lovers of dance more dances!

Charter members include Julia Carr, Ian Cunningham, Glen Garcia, Ann Jackson-Avery, Diane Sherman and Cary Whitehead.  Other members include Michael Taylor. 

You can see our bios and more information on the Collective at www.ecstaticdancespokane.org.

LOVE the slow and thorough warm-ups!


And you.
When will you begin that long journey into yourself?                                                                ~Rumi

​​​​Tim Wichland  BS, E-RYT 500

Originally from the quaint city of Keene, New Hampshire, Tim has lived in Montana, Massachusetts, and New Mexico, and for several years traveled the open roads of North America.   Tim arrived to Spokane in 2013, having been drawn back to the Pacific Northwest, the Rockies, and the quality of life enjoyed here.

Tim discovered yoga as a college course Missoula in 1999.  Over the next several years, yoga was the TLC Tim's body needed as an organic farmer in New Hampshire. His practice and interest in yoga continued to grow in the years after college and in  2010  Tim pursued training as a yoga instructor, completing his 200 hour RYT training in 2012.
While he has explored many Hatha Yoga styles including Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Power Yoga, it is the heart centered philosophy and Principles of Alignment within the Anusara style of which he is most fond.  Tim completed several Anusara Immersions 1-3, Level I Teacher's training, and teacher assisting in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He has worked with a number of of talented senior teachers including Senior Anusara Certified, Ayurveda practitioner, Wendy Borger, at Spandarama Yoga in Sante Fe, NM, and Anusara founder,  John Friend.  Upon moving to Spokane in 2013, Tim furthered his Hatha Yoga studies in the Anusara tradition completing his 500 RYT in 2015.

Tim is one of a few LGBT+ Yoga Teachers in eastern Washington. His teaching style is heart forward, breath-centered, loving and supportive, with a keen awareness on safe body alignment during asana, the physical practice of Hatha Yoga.  He holds a strong belief that yoga is a practice open to all, and enjoys helping students cultivate a positive relationship with their bodies and hearts.   
He invites you to embark on an amazing journey of self-care, healing, spiritual growth and connection to community, through group classes or private instruction.  



​​​​Shawn Brow  CRNA, MAE, E-RYT 500 ,C-IAYT   Founding Director  

Shawn holdsa Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Masters in Clinical & Anesthesia Education (1988)  She has practiced as a CRNA for 31 years, and currently maintains a private anesthesia practice specializing in Podiatrics.  With an inquisitive mind rooted equally in science and movement, Shawn discovered yoga to be a perfect amalgam of these two worlds.  In January 2002 she began exploring yoga under the artful guidance of Alison Rubin, a greatly admired and gifted teacher.  After completing her 200hr Yoga Alliance registration in Dec 2005, she continued to teach privately and as a substitute instructor, co-founding South Perry Yoga in 2006.  In 2011, at the invitation of the Spokane Buddhist Temple, she began renovations of the old "Temple Gym", now fondly referred to as "the Buddhio".
Shawn completed her 300 hr advanced yoga training from 2008-2014 at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California, where she received her 500 hr RYT.  Her studies there with Yoga Acharya's Ganga White and Tracey Rich, provided an eclectic tapestry of yoga tools and modalities including asana, pranayama, and meditation.  Her years at White Lotus have supported a philosophy which views yoga as an evolving process of experiential self-inquiry and life long learning. 

Shawn completed  Yoga Therapeutics Levels I & II with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal, and Thai Yoga Therapy with Phoebe Diftler.  She received a Thai Yoga Therapy Provider certificate in Feb 2016, and completed credentialing as a certified yoga therapist  April 2017 with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT).  Shawn is also a Yoga Alliance registered continuing education provider. (YACEP)

Balanced within the worlds of art and science, her teachings reflect the paradox between the body’s structural bio-mechanics, and the subtleties of intuitive grace and creativity.  Shawn offers private Yoga Therapy instruction, workshops, and group classes including Yoga Newbies and Vinyasa Flow.  Her teaching style supports a mindful alignment-focused practice which cultivates balance, awareness and equanimity.

Private Yoga Therapy & Thai Yoga Therapy appointments:


​509.939.3726  message

Affiliate Yoga Staff

I love Nina's teaching style!  Both the pace, which starts slow and gradually intensifies, and her careful attention to minute muscle movements, alignments and postures.


Physical Therapy

I have been doing yoga with Shawn for 12 years and it has changed both my body and my mind. Yoga is now an essential part of who I am and I have Shawn's excellent teaching to thank for this. 


Nina Hudson, RYT 200

Nina's yoga journey began as a slow exploration  in 2006. In 2013, after her twins were born, she found that asana as a moving meditation helped both to give her the energy and relaxation she needed to be fully present in her new, suddenly hectic, life.  Since then, she has committed to a daily practice.  For her, yoga has been a spiraling journey of playful self-discovery. Though she comes to her practice with no particular goal in my mind, she has achieved many things through her practice and has found herself in places she had never dreamed of being.  She has learned to not only move through each asana with a sense of detachment from outcomes but also through life in that way. 

In 2016 she completed a 200 hour alignment based teacher training at Harmony Yoga in Spokane, through which her dreamy way of practicing yoga became stronger & more informed.  She is a constant student of yoga and her studies continue toward an interest in Physical Therapy and Religious Studies. She is registered with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200.


Tom Light,  E-RYT500, YACEP

Tom is a yoga junkie. Over the past 30 years he has studied numerous styles of yoga including teacher trainings in Anusara, Iyengar, and Kundalini; and workshops in Astanga, Power Yoga, and Svaroopa. Tom believes in adapting "yoga to the student", and borrows liberally from all formats to bring an integrated concept of alignment, focus, and awareness to his classes.

Tom has continued his personal yoga journey with numerous well known yogis, including Leslie Kaminoff (anatomy), Tom Myers (fascia), Sally Kempton (meditation).  Tom’s background also includes more than 20 years of running and coaching runners, and he integrates that knowledge and experience with yoga to help athletes maintain strength and flexibility, and prevent injury. 



Rachael Rossbach, RYT 200 

Rachael Rossbach is a lifelong movement artist and teacher, with a background in dance and martial arts. She began to explore yoga in her early twenties as an alternative to the heavy impact training that she had been practicing for many years.  Although a casual practitioner at first, yoga soon became a daily part of her life.  Breathwork and meditation becoming pivotal transformative tools in her growth as a person and teacher, lead her to pursue an RYT 200 hour training in the Fall of 2018.  
She completed her training in June of 2018 at Harmony Yoga with Allison Rubin, and has spent the past year continuing her training through various workshops and classes.

Rachael brings a deep knowledge of alignment, injury prevention, and strength training to her classes.  She believes yoga is an accessible practice for every body, and teaches a variety of styles to suit individual needs, including: Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative with Sound Bath, Beginner and 50+ classes.


(509) 842-4167

Yoga Therapy



​​Edith Orozco,RYT 200 

Edith is a tiny firecracker whose classes are playful, inclusive, wholehearted and always looking to empower her fellow students. She enjoys walking, watching cooking shows and planning hikes with her husband.  Her love for yoga is deeply rooted in the fact that it allows her to be of service to others.  Yoga has been an important part of her life for over 6 years, as her practice has allowed her to grow stronger, face her fears and be more flexible, both on and off the mat. 

She completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Kula Studio in Toronto, Canada.  Aware that those who practice yoga will will always be students she is constantly looking for opportunities to learn from other people from different backgrounds to be able to incorporate their teachings into her yoga practice.

In her guided practice she strives to combine breathing, creative sequencing, and extensive use of props, with a little bit of humor to help her students deepen their practice. Her ultimate goal is to enable students to accept who and to love themselves exactly as they are, to encourage their curiosity, and aid them to deepen their confidence on themselves.  Edith invites you to begin your yoga journey, with her SAT morning Yoga Newbies!


Jessica Sleight  LAc, M.OM, Dipl. Ac

Ten years ago, Jessica discovered Acupuncture as a patient. This experience proved not only to influence her life, but also her career path! In  2008  she studied Acupuncture at Maryland University of of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia Institute). In 2010 she furthered her studies in Sports Medicine and Acupuncture at Boulder, Colorado. Jessica has additional training in the therapeutic use of Chinese herbs.  Her practice includes treating a wide spectrum of body disorders. Some of her specialties are pain, sports injury, digestive issues, migraines, and emotional imbalances.  

Having grown up in Spokane, Jessica is excited to be back after over 20 years away. She looks forward to sharing her love of Acupuncture and herbs, helping each individual maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


509.999.5137   www.jessicasleight.com

Linda Kozora PT

Linda has been practicing physical therapy in Spokane since 1985.  She is a nontraditional provider that has spent the last 30 years learning what works rather than focusing on what mainstream physical therapy is doing.  For the past 10 years her practice has been devoted to specialized manual therapies including craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, structural work, and external pelvic floor therapy.  She routinely gets results for the most complex patients that traditional physical therapy has failed.



Ecstatic Dance Spokane Collective

Sandy Nolting  BS, PT, E-RYT 200, C-IAYT  Co-Founder/Assistant Director

Sandy is a licensed Physical Therapist, bringing over 24 years of experience to her teachings. She began studying in January 2003 with Alison Rubin at Harmony Yoga in Spokane.  Inspired to share the benefits of yoga with others, she advanced her studies with many wonderful instructors to begin teaching in 2006, and co-founding South Perry Yoga.  Sandy has taught as part of the faculty at Harmony's teacher training program, where she also completed her RYT 200 in 2012, and is registered with Yoga Alliance.  In the summer of 2017, Sandy also completed requirements as a Yoga Therapist, with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT) and recently completed advanced studies with Elise Browning-Miller in the adaptation of yoga for scoliosis.  She is also a Yoga Alliance registered continuing education provider. (YACEP)

Sandy instructs 'newcomers' in Yoga Newbies, a class designed for those beginning to explore yoga, and Before Newbies, for those who arrive to their mats needing careful guidance with their specific health needs in mind.  She also offers private instruction which targets site specific anatomy and how to successfully work with various limitations.  Her private Yoga Therapy sessions are a wonderful way to gain insight into adapting yoga to meet your specific body challenges.  

Private Yoga Therapy appointments:



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breathing balance into life


I appreciate the reminder of how much benefit we can have with slow movement, and the value of moving lowly and measured.  Also, I appreciate the reminder tha yoga can be practiced any wher, anytime.  Props and opportunities  are all around if we take the time to look!


Copyright © South Perry Yoga, LLC. All rights reserved.

​​Julia Carr, RYT 300,Reiki Master

Julia, a 200-hr RYT, found yoga 15 years ago as a journalism major at University of Oregon in 2004 and noticed an immediate improvement on her anxiety and stress levels. She completed back to back trainings across two years with Anusara teachers, Sandy Adler and Michele Bulgatz in Eugene, Ore. This awoke the Shakti --“the primordial cosmic energy”-- in her body that opened her up to a new lifestyle of Ecstatic Dance and Contact Improv.  Both of these meditative dance styles ignited her passion and a greater sense of freedom.

Her teachings draw inspiration from her experiences with nature, ritual, dance, meditation and mothering. She also weaves concepts from Anusara’s Universal Principals of Alignment to provide a safe context for students to focus on their body's structures before reaching for greater flexibility.  She is registered with Yoga Alliance, and enjoys teaching Yoga Restoratives on alternating Sunday afternoons.

Julia has also completed training as a Reiki Master. Reiki restores and balances life force energy, promoting healing on all levels. It calms the fight-or-flight response, mitigating source causes of concerns, conditions, and issues, in a non-invasive way with touch therapy, hands on or off the body. Recipients often say it feels very relaxing and at times euphoric.  It can be supportive in healing stress from trauma, emotional abuse and physical injury. It can also help guide one into a visionary state where they receive guidance from their own higher spiritual self and/or guides.  Julia infuses the Reiki session with Crystal Sound bowl therapy to assist one with relaxation and also energetically attune the body's vibration to the perfect pitch of the bowls.