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MON JAN 13:  We WILL be having our MON 9:30a Yoga Mix. 

Please let us know if you are attending 5:45 & 7:15p tonight. We will keep you apprised if we need to cancel evening classes.
Travel safely!

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You may also email our instructors directly- see Instructor page for contact info.

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South Perry Yoga, LLC

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Spokane, Wa 99202


PO Box 30306

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New to yoga?  We encourage new students to begin with a Session. Studying weekly allows us to become better acquainted with your unique needs, and cultivates consistency and commitment to your practice. 
In our 5 week 'Yoga Newbies', you will examine the breath and it's importance on and off your mat, a brief overview of yoga history and philosophy, and a broad base of beginning asana (pose) structure.   In July & Aug, while our Sessions are on break, our Yoga Mix (mixed levels) classes are good starting points for beginners.

Students recovering from surgery or those with specific health concerns or movement challenges, may wish to begin with private Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga Therapy Sessions, or begin with a Before Newbies classes.

Please contact Shawn or Sandy to discuss these options.

Session Dates 2020
Jan 5 - Feb 8           Feb 9 - Mar 14              Mar 15 - Apr 25    

Spring Break  Apr 5-11   

Apr 26 - MAY 30       MAY 31- July 4     July 5- Aug 22

Summer Break Aug 23- Sept 5 

Sept 6- Oct 17            Oct 18 - Nov 21         Nov 22- Dec 19   

Winter break Dec 20- Jan 2

Experienced students will enjoy our Ongoing multi-level classes.  No need to pre-register; attendance is by Pass or Walk-in fee. See "Class description" for a guide to class level intensity.

Just did a pranayama workshop with Shawn and it was absolutely lovely. She connected yogic teachings to Western understanding of anatomy and physiology, clearly illustrating how we breathe. And also contextualized pranayama in terms of other yoga practice. Respectful, intentional, and patient. Thank you, Shawn!

Check out our street view!  Thanks GOOGLE!

From our Community

To be supported and able to relax enough to explore a pose was an experience I’ve never had before. I’ve practiced yoga in the past and find myself always distracted and uncomfortable on my knees or my back being in so much pain.

I have a much better understanding of what yoga can offer, even for those who have limitations such as chronic pain, limited  mobility, or just being out of shape. 



A Winter's Yoga Restorative 

with  Rachael Rossbach, RYT200  JAN 19  $25  

Sunday 3:00-5:00p 

Savor supported restorative yoga postures designed to enhance the parasympathetic nervous system and resilience to life stressors. By offering your body and mind time to rest deeply in stillness, the breath acts as a soothing balm of present intention for the mind, supporting the body's innate wisdom toward healing. 

Inspired by the healing power of nature, listeners are guided on a meditative journey into the subconscious through sound of crystal, or traditional metal singing bowls, electronic instrumentation and organic sounds.   Enjoy a fully immersive sound experience, designed to create space for energetic transformation and relaxation.   

All levels welcome, and Prenatal friendly!

Pre-registration & payment guarantees space. We honor holding space, and ask for 24 hour notice if you are unable to attend. 

Sorry, no refunds, however credit honored toward future class.


We accept cash, or check endorsed to the instructor, and for some classes, credit cards are accepted. 

5 week Sessions $65
Sessions require pre-payment to reserve your space.  If attending a second Session class per week, deduct $5 from your total fees.   One make-up is offered per 5 week Session, no later than 1 month after your Session ends.  Ask your instructor for guidance in attending a similar level class.  Fees are fully refundable if requested by the second class of Session. 

Payments may be dropped by the studio or mailed to:
South Perry Yoga
PO Box 30306
Spokane, Wa 99223

(*please do NOT mail to the studio location address)

Curiosity Pass $36
Enjoy a 'taste' of  3 Ongoing classes to pique your curiosity!
Expiration 2 months

10 Class Pass $110​   5 class $60
For students familiar with the basics, wishing to attend a variety or multiple classes per week.  Good toward any Ongoing classes.  Expiration 6 months
10 pass $105 for Seniors 63yr+, students with ID.

Walk-Ins $15
You may 'walk-in' to any Ongoing class~ however, for Session classes, walk-in only with instructor approval.

Event Rental at the BUDDHIO 

Please email us regarding rental inquiries.

   breathing balance into life

Yoga Therapy
by private appointment

Shawn Brow, CRNA, E-RYT500, C-IAYT

Sandy Nolting, PT, E-RYT200, C-IAYT

Yoga Therapy is a client centered process of empowering individuals toward improved health and well-being through the teachings and practices of yoga.

Whether new to yoga or arriving with yoga experience, all may benefit from working privately toward specific wellness goals. 

3 Session Yoga Therapy ~ $179

  • health assessment intake
  • setting of intentions, goals
  • three 60 minute guided practices

Please allow 90 min for your first appointment, and 60 min for those subsequent. 


Ongoing Yoga Therapy ~ $55

Offered to clients continuing private consultation beyond their initial 3 visits.

We kindly request 24 hour notice for cancellations.

Thai Yoga Therapy
by private appointment 
Shawn Brow, CRNA, E-RYT500, C-IAYT

Full Session 1.5 hr   $69

Mini Focus 40 min   $45

    * Lower leg & feet

    *  Shoulders, neck & face

An ancient system of deep relaxation and renewal, cultivating wholeness of body, mind and spirit.  The practice combines pressure to Sen (energy) lines, sequencing of supported, lying yoga postures with gentle twisting, deep muscular stretching, and meditation. A wonderful modality for improving flexibility and circulation.  Wear comfortable clothing with a bit of stretch to support an experience of full relaxation.

Please allow an additional 15 minutes for your first appointment.​​

Shawn has a special understanding of the needs of us 50+ folks' bodies. Her Thai Yoga Therapy and yoga classes have immediate positive impacts - I'm particularly fond of her Thai Yoga practice for my lower back (and my whole body!)


Gift Certificates

Looking for a special birthday or bridal party gift?

All services are available by gift certificate! Pre-order for customized services, invoicing per Paypal available!

                 Session Classes 2020 

                                   by Pre-registration                                      

                             2020 WINTER Session
                                                   JAN 5-FEB 8

                                    5 weeks $65 

Monday  Sorry, this class RESCHEDULED to begin FEB 10
 Befriending Your Body w/Yoga     Shawn   

                            Great choice for a gentle entry class!

7:15-8:30p  Restorative Yoga                             Rachael

​5:45-7:15p  Yoga Newbies  I/II                          Nina

11:15-12:15p  Before Newbies                          Sandy​

10:30-11:45a  Yoga Newbies I/II                          Nina​

10:30-11:45a Prenatal Yoga                               Rachael 5:45-7:00p Intro to Applied Meditation            Bill                  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ongoing Classes  2020

                                       by Walk-In or Pass

Monday Yes for 9:30a ,others we will keep you apprised if we need to cancel due to snow. 

9:30-10:45a    Yoga Mix (all levels)                                     Shawn

11:15-12:30p  See Sessions                                       Shawn
12:30-3:30p    Yoga Therapy (by appointment)             Shawn ​ 

5:45-7:00p      Yoga Mix (all levels)                                 Rachael​​

7:15-8:30p      See "Sessions"                                    Rachael


9:00-10:15a     Morning Flow                                        Shawn        

11:15-3:30p     Thai Yoga Therapy (by appointment)       Shawn 
3:45-5:00p       Afternoon Unwind (all levels)                     Shawn 

5:45-7:00p       See "Sessions"                                     Nina

Wednesday  NO Class  JAN 29, FEB 5

11:15-12:30p   Yoga Mix    FULL                                         Sandy 

​5:45-7:00p       See "Sessions"                                      Sh..Sa

Thursday  ​​

9:00-10:15a     Morning Flow                                            Shawn  

11:15-3:30p     Yoga Therapy (by appointment)               Shawn ​

Friday NO Class w/ Sandy JAN 31...possible 'pop-up' at 9:30a- stay tuned!
9:30-10:45a       Yoga Mix (all levels!)                                         Sandy           ​

11:15-12:15p     Before Newbies                                  Sandy

12:30-3:30p       Yoga Therapy (by appointment)             Sandy 


9:00-10:15a       Yoga Mix  (all levels!)                                    Nina​       

10:30-12p         see "Sessions"                                      Nina

Sunday  YES!  9:00a will be held SUN JAN 12

9:00-10:30a $7 Community Morning Flow                     Rachael 

3:00-5:00p Winter Yoga Restorative $25  JAN 5  Julia  JAN 19 Racheal

4:00-5:30p  Energy Circle Meditation by donation   JAN 12, 26  Bill