​​​​​​​​Introduction to Back Care

SAT afternoon 1:00-3:30p  $42

Date TBD 

Join Shawn, Yoga Therapist, for the return of the popular Back Care class.  In this workshop, we will explore anatomy foundations of core strength and the important role of the ililopsoas muscle in learning to care for your back.  You will learn postural alignment, breath awareness, and gentle yoga modalities to assist with managing pain.  No matter where you are on the path to healing, this class offers useful tools for all those with back concerns.   We are happy to discuss with you, your specific back concerns before pre-registering.

​Intake back assessment form will be emailed upon pre-registration. 

Pre-registration and payment to reserve space: thebuddhio@gmail.com

Introduction to Pranayama

SAT afternoon workshop  

 ​Date TBA 

with Shawn Brow, C-IAYT  $42

This afternoon workshop will explore the basics of breath physiology, common health conditions affecting the breath and an introduction to several pranayama breathing practices to integrate and support your yoga practice.  We will explore various techniques in seated and supine postures, including where the breath is initiated and sensed, reverse breathing, soothing breath practices and those which invigorate and warm. This is an excellent primer for exploring another of the "8 limbs of Yoga".  

Shawn brings a keen awareness to her teachings as an anesthetist (CRNA) and a Yoga Therapist, certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. (C-IAYT) . If you can breathe, you are ready for this class!  

​Intake breathing assessment form will be emailed upon pre-registration.  
Sorry no refunds, may apply to future class credit.

Pre-registration and payment to reserve space: thebuddhio@gmail.com

Mechanics and Maladies of the Feet   
with Shawn Brow, C-IAYT  and Sandy Nolting, C-IAYT 
SAT afternoon workshop...a great gift to share with others!

Date TBA 

Understanding the mechanics of your feet is an important first step to establishing a strong foundation in your yoga practice.  Enhanced poise through the feet leads to stability on your yoga mat, and in everyday activities such as standing, walking or running.
In this 2.5 hour workshop, we will explore the anatomy, mechanics and common maladies of the feet such as bunion, neuromas, plantar fasciitis and hammer toes.  We will practice ways to strengthen, stretch, and create resiliency and freedom to our feet, thus tapping into a deep reservoir of potential energy.  
And of course, our afternoon will include a relaxing aromatic foot bath and guided self-massage!

Intake foot assessment will be emailed upon pre-registration.
Sorry no refunds, may apply to future class credit.

Pre-registration and payment to reserve space: thebuddhio@gmail.com

Yoga Classes Defined

Unless noted as a "Session", you may "walk-in" or attend any class by "pass" without pre-registering.

All Sessions, workshops and Restoratives require pre-registration and payment to guarantee space.

Level of challenge:
*         Easy, gentle, beginner's level
**       Moderately challenging, beginner based
***     Intermediate level, prior yoga experience recommended
****   Physically challenging, targets muscular and cardiovascular endurance, refinement of inversions, arm

           balances and other advanced asana

Questions?   Please contact instructor as noted after the class description. Payments are endorsed to instructor.  You may also leave a voice message at 509.939.3726, messages retrieved evenings.

Morning Flow
​After Yoga Newbies, then what?  For some, the skills acquired in Newbies I & II are 'asana appetizers' for moving forward into exploring other styles of Yoga or more challenging classes such as our "Flow" classes.  These classes provide a 'bridge' from one side of the river to the other, much as we might move from 'calm' currents, into more challenging rapids.  Flow practices weave traditional and non-traditional Sun Salutations into creative sequencing, inviting a closer exploration of Sun Salutations A & B to help build strength and stamina, while staying mindful of critical transitions and ways to modify pose structure to meet your unique abilities.

Be ready to playfully explore a variety of asana excursions such as arm balances* and inversions*, balanced with the deeper, connective tissue release of Yin poses.  Experience the calming effects of pranayama and mindfulness meditation, cultivating the power of presence and awareness.  This class is an invitation to revitalize and deeply nourish. 

*gentle preparatory alternatives offered.

Difficulty: ** to ***

TUE 9:00a    thebuddhio@gmail.com **

TUE 6:00p rachael.rossbach@gmail.com ** 

Still reading?  Thank you for your interest, and enjoy a FREE Morning Flow class with Shawn!


breathing balance into life

​           EST 2006


​​​Yoga Therapy  by private appointment
Yoga therapy is a client-centered, comprehensive practice designed to support the body's natural ability to repair and find balance.  Private one-on-one sessions are guided by an initial interview to assist in defining your therapeutic goals.  We also offer small group Yoga Therapy sessions to address specific health concerns.

A variety of techniques may be employed to address the physical body, including Thai Yoga Therapy methodologies, traditional yoga postures, and fully supported restorative postures.  By utilizing supportive props, the benefits of Yoga Therapy are accessible even to those recovering from injury or illness.  Emotional and spiritual realms of being are supported through breath work, meditation, and guided imagery.  These complement the physical aspects of supported postures, aiding to balance the body and ease the mind.

Shawn has completed Level I & II studies in Therapeutic Yoga with Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal, through the White Lotus Foundation, Thai Yoga Therapy with Phoebe Diftler of Los Angeles, and has received certification as a Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT).  Her 34 years as a provider of anesthesia brings a deep understanding of breath physiology and quieter subtleties. 

Yoga Therapy appointments may be scheduled by email:

In a client's wordshttps://whitneybean.com/2019/11/07/yoga-therapy/

Restorative Yoga

SUN 11:00-12:30p $28

SEPT 12 with Shawn

6 spaces left!

Restorative Yoga invites the body to relax and rest deeply through passive, supported postures, enhancing realms of our parasympathetic nervous systems. By offering your body and mind time to rest deeply in stillness, the breath acts as a soothing balm of present intention for the mind, supporting the body's innate wisdom toward healing.  Within this quiet, safe space, lies an opportunity to investigate habitual holding patterns in your body and release tension and fatigue. As you learn to observe the sensations of your body without identifying with them, this "non-doing" acts as a window to the core of your being.  Turning deeper inward, you begin to realize how external perceptions are biased by internal emotions and sensations. 

Supported postures are sustained for 5-10 minutes, invoking deepening states of relaxation as a portal to meditation.   Rachael's Restorative offerings, are accompanied by lovely sound baths, as created through the mesmerizing harmonics of Singing Bowls or through electronic instrumentation and singing bowls.

Open to all, novice or experienced practitioners, and Prenatal friendly!

Fall Restorative

Sat 11:00-12:45p  Difficulty: *

Pre-register: thebuddhio@gmal.com     


Restoratives generally fill...pre-register in advance!


Prenatal Yoga 

No current Session. Please email if you are interested in prenatal, with a group of 4 or more.

A safe, gentle, breath-centered practice for those beginning their second trimester of pregnancy, with pose modifications as gestational weeks require.  This class will emphasize connection with your 'new life' through various yoga postures, integrating breath and relaxation techniques, and helping  reduce common discomforts of pregnancy.  

As with childbirth-preparation classes, prenatal yoga is a multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing.  Research suggests that prenatal yoga is safe and can have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies.   Prenatal yoga can:
-Improve sleep
-Reduce stress and anxiety
-Increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, and the postpartum period.
-decrease lower back pain, nausea, headaches and shortness of breath

-be a community resource to help you meet and bond with other pregnant women, as you prepare for the new
adventures of parenting. 

Our prenatal classes are designed to support your journey from early pregnancy through delivery within a kula, Sanskrit for community.   Join our practice and find a peaceful sanctuary within our prenatal kula.  Meet and bond with other women on this special journey toward motherhood. 

​​​Prenatal Yoga     Difficulty: * 

Children's Yoga

Contact Niki Tschergi for details

Children's Yoga    Difficulty:  * ​​
MON 11:00-11:45a  3-5y

TUE 3:45-4:30p   6-12y

Yoga Mix
Suited for those in good health with average mobility. (If you have mobility concerns, please email Shawn for guidance, or consider TUES Newbies Session.)   These classes are designed for all levels and abilities incorporating beginning to intermediate skills of basic pose structure, basic/modified Sun Salutations, beginning pranayama, preparatory arm balances, and inversions. Alternative pose modifications are offered to accommodate individual abilities and needs.  If you have specific limitations which need modifications, please alert our staff before class is underway.  ​

Yoga Mix classes are "Ongoing classes", and may be attended by pass or walk-in fee of $16.

Difficulty: * to **
Mon   9:30a                              thebuddhio@gmail.com                

Fri       9:30a                             thebuddhio@gmail.com                                   

movement & community

Out of Session Yoga classes

From our Community

We felt cared for when Shawn and Sandy took time to adjust us as needed and provide individual coaching in order for us to maximize our experience. Now we know what you mean by Yoga Therapy services!

It was so enriching and therapeutic for us, especially as social services workers who are stressed out and hold our tension in our bodies...

especially in our arms and shoulders apparently….

so tight!


I just had a Yoga Therapy session with Shawn and it was fantastic. The atmosphere was pleasant, she was gracious and of course very knowledgable. The session included poses and stretches based on my needs, for me to do at home which was the main thing I was looking for. The Thai Yoga Therapy was part assisted stretching, and 100% bliss. Shawn took her time, went above and beyond and I would highly recommend these personalized sessions to anyone. I am on a tight budget but this investment was absolutely superb.



Energy Circles help you move through life in alignment with your vision. They are a way to reflect on your life and the world and focus collective attention on the vision you hold and to energize it. This is a wonderful way to build community and to get support in your life and work.  Optional to bring a light snack for a little socializing afterwards. There will be ginger tea.
Suggested donation $5-$20, no one turned away due to lack of funds.

TBD  4:00-5:30p (2ND & 4TH SUN'S)

Intro to Applied Meditation

5 week Session $70

Dates TBD- please contact Bill for specifics

This introductory 5 week Session will explore the three aspects of applied meditation- the active imagination, the receptive imagination, and the witness. You’ll be led through a process to engage all three to tap into your creative and restorative center; a place of joy, openness, and new possibilities.  As you learn how to work with your active and receptive imaginations and your internal witness, the practice can help you open to change and deep healing on multiple levels, ultimately helping you engage with life and it’s challenges with more calm, grace, purpose, and honesty.

​​​Difficulty: *
TBA  williamaal@gmail.com

Bill Aal Co-author of Practical Meditation for Busy Souls
An advocate and organizer for social justice, Bill is as well a teacher of Applied Meditation.  Applied Meditation works with intuition, imagination and mindfulness to support people to heal themselves and the world. Bill is a co -founder of Tools for Change which provides consulting, facilitation, mediation and training.  We help individuals and organizations address issues of power, embrace cultural diversity and tap into intuitive and creative resources. Our approach weaves together deep reflection, sharing stories and heartfelt dialog that inspires generosity of spirit and collective genius.

I have been attending Shawn's classes over a 10 year period. Her ability to explain Yoga in the context of Yoga history, and physiology in a meaningful way makes her classes more than just another physical exercise experience. And, yet; her quirky humor makes us not take ourselves too seriously as we examine our own abilities to follow her lead. I always look forward to her workshops, and sessions because I always get something useful to add to my practice.


2021 Yoga Sessions by pre-registration

Yin Yoga 

5 week SESSION $70
Currently not offered

Yin Yoga works on the 'Yin tissues', or fascia.  Fascia is the contiguous web of connective tissue, primarily collagen, found throughout our body. It lies beneath our skin and attaches, stabilizes, encloses and separates muscles and other internal organs.  It allows our muscles and organs to smoothly slide upon each other. This vast network is rich in sensory nerve endings providing us with the ability to feel our body as a whole.

Yin Yoga poses are held between 3 to 5 minutes to allow connective tissue to elongate and rehabilitate.
The practice involves extensive use of a variety of props including blankets, blocks, straps, and bolsters, to assist in finding an appropriate place of ease and comfort.  Yin Yoga calms the mind and the nervous system, which enables us to turn inward, "yin-ward", and to focus on the rhythm of the natural flow of our breath. 

The Yin postures offer another dimension of balance with Restorative yoga postures, which conclude class, allowing for an increase in vagal tone and support of the parasympathetic nervous system.   All levels of ability are welcome, and a wonderful option for pre-natal!

Difficulty: *

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Ongoing Yoga Classes by pass or Walk-in

Yoga Therapy Small Group by pre-registration

Weekend Flow

'Vinyasa', or to 'place in a special way', is a linking or continual flow of asana (postures) arising from the Sun and Moon Salutations.  Initiated and tethered by the breath, this style becomes a moving form of meditation, strengthening our response and connection to life's 'present moments'.  Drawing from several yoga traditions and creative intuition, this 90 min class is well suited for those with a strong basic yoga experience wishing to deepen their exploration of Vinyasa style yoga, while seeking a moderate cardiovascular challenge, and deepening their studies of inversions, back bending and arm balances. 

Difficulty: ** to ***
SAT 9:00a   edithorozco@gmail.com

SUN 9:00a  edithorozco@gmail.com

​​​​​​Yoga Newbies I
5 week SESSION $70

TUES 11:00-12:15p

Yoga Newbies I is a comfortably paced introductory class for those new to yoga.   A Session runs 5 weeks, and includes an introduction to yoga philosophy, fundamentals of basic standing, seated, restorative poses, and introductory back strengthening and hip openers. 

This class is appropriate for those in good health, looking to improve balance, strength, mobility,

flexibility and an introduction to simple meditation skills toward mental calm.

Newbies I/II Sessions progress as a review and refinement of Newbies I, and continue to explore asana (poses) and yoga philosophy.  Teaching methods focus on strength and flexibility, emphasizing principles of alignment, breathing, body-specific modifications, and use of props.  Beyond Newbies is offered as the final session after Yoga Newbies I/II, to help you further refine your understanding of asana and philosophy gained through further practice hours on your mat.

As you move forward, you may choose to study with one teacher or several.  Each of our instructors bring their own creative teachings to the mat for these entry level classes, offering you a well rounded eclectic learning experience.  While it is recommended for those with no yoga experience to begin with Newbies I, if schedules do not allow, many will be equally comfortable beginning with our Newbies I/II class.  

Difficulty:  Newbies I *     Newbies I/II **   

​TUE 11:00am     thebuddhio@gmail.com​

Evening Yoga Newbies:  Delayed start. Please check with Rachael for specifics!  rachael.rossbach@gmail.com

​​​Befriending Your Body with Yoga
5 week SESSION $70 


If you are needing a bit more attention to pose choices as you begin yoga, or if you are ready to transition as a next step after Gentle Yoga, then this is the Session for you!  

We will look at the choice of pose structure in relation to our unique abilities, with mindful attention to ahimsa, the yama which speaks to the intention of non-harming of our body, mind, and spirit.  This 5 week Session is a 'bridge class', for those needing a gentle entry from Before Newbies, to our Yoga Newbies I classes.  It is also appropriate for those new to yoga recovering from hip replacement with clearance from their surgeon to begin yoga, or those with health or mobility concerns looking for a gentle entry into yoga.  It is appropriate for those in good overall health, looking to improve balance, strength, mobility, flexibility and an introduction to simple meditation skills toward mental calm.

Our class will include an introduction to yoga philosophy, fundamentals of basic standing, seated, restorative poses, and introductory back strengthening and care, and gentle hip releasing postures.  Many students will be comfortable in a chair, and others supported with blankets and props upon the floor.  With proper guidance, we will 'befriend', the best  expression of each posture for your body. 

Befriending Your Body with Yoga    Difficulty:  * ​

TBA         thebuddhio@gmail.com  with Shawn