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In the silence between your heart beat bides a summons.  Do you hear it?
Name it if you must, or leave it forever nameless.  But why pretend it is not there?

Jan 5-Feb 8
Feb 9-Mar 15
Mar 16-April 26
(Spring Break 4/6-12)
April 27-May 31
*some Sessions may have varying start dates!
We encourage new
students to begin their studies with a Session. This enables our teachers to become familiar with your unique abilities, and encourages consistency and commitment to
practice. Should you miss a class,
make-up is offered that session.

Refunds if requested by second class of Session.
Complete email form at bottom of page to reserve your space.

Price Menu
We accept cash and checks ~sorry, no credit cards at this time.

Sessions $49
Most Sessions ensue
5 wk for $49. If attending a second Session class per week, you may deduct $5 from the total fees.

Curiosity Pass $29

Looking for the right 'fit'? Enjoy a 'taste' of
3 Ongoing classes
!  (one per person)

Expires 3 months

10 Class Pass
May be used for any Ongoing class
Suited for students familiar with the basics, wishing to attend a variety or multiple classes per week.

Expires 6 months

Walk-Ins $14
You may 'walk-in' to any Ongoing class~
not applicable to Session offerings.

Seniors 62+
10 Class Pass $89
Walk-Ins $12

Therapeutic Yoga
by appointment
Private 45 min~ $40
Couple 45 min~ $60


3rd Sunday
Spring Restoratives 
April 20, 3-5p

with Shawn Brow and Todd Milne~ Japanese Flute
April 20  May 18 June  22 (4th Sun)
$20 (add $1 for PayPal)

Pre-register per email with form at bottom of page. 

Ecstatic Dance
  at the BUDDHIO!
Sat April 19  
(warm-up @ 6:40p- by donation $10)

Awake my dear,
Be kind to your
sleeping heart.
Take it out into the vast fields of Light
and let it breathe.
Say,"Love, give me back my wings.
Lift me, lift me nearer."
Say to the Sun and Moon,
say to our dear Friend,
I will take you
up now, Beloved,
On that wonderful dance you promised!

Spring O N
 G O I N G  1 4
by Pass or Walk-In
The BUDDHIO will be closed*(except Friday Sessions 4/11)
For Spring Break April 6-12th
Enjoy your home practice!
1-5p Thai Yoga Therapeutics* (by appointment)...Shawn 
 (*as part of clinical training hours - 1 hour Thai Yoga session -suggested donation $25)

7:15-8:45p Align & Refine...Beth  

9:30-10:45a  Morning Flow..

11-3p Therapeutic Yoga (by appointment)...Shawn 
3:45-5p Yoga Mix (all levels!)...Shawn 
Yoga Mix (all levels!)

9:30-10:45a  Morning Flow..Shawn

11a-3p Therapeutic Yoga(by appointment)...Shawn 
1-1:15p Chakra Yoga...Shelia Special classes: April 16 & 23 by suggested donation $7
5:45-7p Slow Flow...
7:15-8:45p Align & Refine...Beth   

9:30-10:45a Morning Flow...Tim

5:45p Yoga Mix...Aiko  begins May 8-29 after Farmer's Market moves outdoors on Thur's!

11-2p Therapeutic Yoga...Sandy (by appointment)
6-7p '3rd Fridays' Chanting & Meditation Circle...Beth  April 18th by donation

8:30-10a  Yoga Mix..Verity

9-10:30a $5 Community Vinyasa Flow... Kathryn No class 4/6
3-5p Spring Restorative Series...Shawn  (monthly offering- 3rd Sundays $20)  
April  20th, May 18th, June 22nd (June class on the 4th Sun)  

Upcoming Workshops
Information regarding workshops may be found on our Events page 2 wk prior to workshop date.  For more information you may contact presenter directly, and register using email form found at the bottom of this page.

Veterans Intro to iRest...Sheila Fox  shejofox@gmail.com
Saturday April 19th 2-4p $15

Dream Yoga...Janet Brown  m.janet.brown@gmail.com
Saturday April 26th 2-4:30p $25

Contact Improv Workshop...Michael Sheely  michael.sheely.coach@gmail.com
Saturday April 27th 3-8p $50  Jam 8-9p

Take Flight! Inversions...Shawn & Kathryn  southperryoga@aol.com
Saturday May 3rd 10:30-12:30p details soon!

Saturday Night Dances & KIRTAN L I V E 

6:30-10p Argentine Tango...Felipe  Apr TBA
7-9p Ecstatic Dance...
Ian  April 19
6-8p KIRTAN LIVE...Rachael Fairbanks & Shawn Duffey May TBA
Shambhava Bhakti Band shambhavamusic.com   

           Spring S E S S I O N S   1 4
                                             by Registration

                                    5 weeks $49 (or as noted)
                                          MARCH 2014

     Now Pre-registering for late April-May SESSIONS!  Use email form below.

                             The BUDDHIO will be closed* (except as noted below)
                             For  Spring Break April 6-12th
                              Enjoy your home practice!

              *exception...Sandy's classes will be held Fri 4/11 930a & 1115a  
9:30-10:45a Beyond Newbies...Shawn Mar 17-April 21
5:45-7p Beyond Newbies...Tim  Mar 17-April 21
9:30-10:45a Beyond Newbies...Shawn April 28-May 26
11:15a-12:30p Yoga Newbies I/II..Shawn April 28-May 26
5:45-7p Beyond Newbies...Tim  April 28-May 26

11:15a-12p Intro to Meditation..Shawn April 29-May 27                                  
3:45-5p Yoga Mix...Shawn April 15-June 3  Special! 7wk $63                              
7:15-8:45p  I-Rest Yoga Nidra...Beth  April 15-May 13


11:15a-12:30p Yoga Newbies I/II...Shawn Mar 19-April 23
4:30-5:30p Nia Newbies (dance!)...Laura  Mar 19-April 23
5:45-7p Intro to Flow...Bill  Mar 19-April 23
11:15a-12:30p Yoga Newbies I/II...Shawn April 30-May 28 
4:30-5:30p Nia Newbies (dance!)...Laura April 30-May 28
5:45-7p Intro to Flow...Bill April 30-May 28

7:15-8:30p Newbies I/II...Tim  Mar 20-April 24

11:15a-12:30p Yoga Newbies I/II..Bill May 1-29
7:15-8:30p Newbies I/II..
.Tim  May 1-29


9:30-10:45a Beyond Newbies...Sandy April 4-25 (4wk)
11:15-12:15p 'Before' Newbies...Sandy (instructor approval) April 4-25 (4wk) 
9:30-10:45a Beyond Newbies...Sandy May 2-30
11:15-12:15p 'Before' Newbies...Sandy (instructor approval)  May 2-30


11:45-1p  Beyond Newbies...
Aiko Mar 16- April 20
1:15-2:30p  Pre/Post Natal Yoga...
Aiko Mar 16-April 20 
11:45-1p  Beyond Newbies...Aiko April 27-May 25
1:15-2:30p  Pre/Post Natal Yoga...Aiko April 27-May 25


Pre-registration by email form below.
 See workshop details on our Events page!

Kendrick Jimenez, inviting  the Seven Crystal Bowls to sing. 

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