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And you.
When will you begin that long journey into yourself?
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Sessions vs. Ongoing?

Which is for me?
Are you new to yoga? If so, read about our "Sessions".  
If not, skip below to 
class information.

 Yoga students are encouraged to begin with a 5 week 'Newbies I' Session. 
Studying weekly allows us to become better acquainted with your unique needs, and cultivates consistency and commitment to your practice. 
In our 'Newbies' Session, you will examine the breath and it's importance on and off your mat, basic
yoga history and philosophy, and a broad base of beginning asana (pose) structure.

Some students may desire an even 
gentler beginning class, if they are recovering from surgery or have specific movement challenges. Please contact us about private options or joining our Before Newbies classes.

Are there make-ups?
Yes, one
make-up is offered per 5 week Session.  Ask your instructor for guidance in attending a similar level class.  Make-ups should be made no later than 1 month past the end of your Session.

Are fees refundable?
Yes, if requested by second class of Session.

How do I register?
Complete email form at bottom of page to reserve your space, and your teacher will send you a class confirmation.

Jan 9-Feb 12 
Feb 13 -Mar 18
Mar 19-April 29
April 30- June 3 
(Session break for summer, Ongoing classes continue)
Sept 10 -Oct 14

Oct 15-Nov 18 
Nov 19 -Dec 22  

2016 Studio Breaks (no classes except as noted on schedule)
April 4-10
Aug 22-Sept 5
Nov 24-25
Dec 23-Dec 31

ONGOING classes
These multi-level classes are suitable for those with previous yoga experience. There is no need to pre-register, as attendance is by Pass or Walk-in fee. See "Class descriptions" page for a guide to class level intensity.

Price Menu
We accept cash, or checks endorsed to the instructor.  Payments may be dropped by the studio or mailed* to:

South Perry Yoga
PO Box 30306
Spokane, Wa 99223

(*please do NOT mail to the studio location address)

Sessions $59
5 wk or as noted
If attending a
 second Session class per week, you may deduct $5 from your total fees, ie $59+54= $113 Check with your instructor for additional discounts or specials.  (NOTE: Sessions begin again in Sept)

Curiosity Pass $33

Looking for the right 'fit'? Enjoy a 'taste' of
3 Ongoing classes

Expires 3 months

10 Class Pass
May be used for any Ongoing class
Suited for students familiar with the basics, wishing to attend a variety or multiple classes per week. 

Expires 6 months
Seniors 62+
10 Class Pass $95

Walk-Ins $15
You may 'walk-in' to any Ongoing class~
not applicable to Session offerings.

Yoga Therapy
by private appointment
Shawn or Sandy
Private 45 min~ $45
Couple 45 min~ $65

Thai Yoga Therapy
by private appointment
1.5 hr ~$45
An ancient system of relaxation and renewal, cultivating wholeness of body, mind and spirit. Combines pressure to Sen (energy) lines, gentle twisting, deep muscular stretching, and meditation. Please wear comfortable clothing with a bit of stretch.
Thai Yoga Therapy

Physical Therapy

Linda Kozora, PT
has been practicing Physical Therapy in Spokane since 1985.  She is a non-traditional provider that has spent the past 30 years learning what works rather than focusing on what mainstream physical therapy is doing. For the past 10 years her practice has been devoted to specialized manual therapies including cranial sacral therapies, visceral manipulation, structural work and external pelvic floor therapy. Appointments online:

Jessica Sleight, LAc brings a wonderful balance of education to her acupuncture therapies.  With a Master's in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, she has completed an apprenticeship in sports related injuries, cupping therapies, and provides treatments for numerous body pains and injuries.
Appointments online at


1st Sunday 
Yin Yoga
with Cyndi

Pre-register per email form at bottom of page

3rd Sunday

Yoga Restorative

Sept 25  

Pre-register per email form at bottom of page. 
You may prepay here:
Restorative JUNE 26

Soul MotionTM
Dance Ritual 
at the BUDDHIO
with Brietta Leader
11-1230p  $15
Ecstatic joy,
Aligning with 'what is' in each moment.

See Class description page for more information

Awake my dear,
Be kind to your
sleeping heart.
Take it out into the vast fields of Light
and let it breathe.
Say,"Love, give me back my wings.
Lift me, lift me nearer."
Say to the Sun and Moon,
say to our dear Friend,
I will take you
up now, Beloved,
On that wonderful dance you promised!

Last Summer Workshop!

 with Dr. Mike Lane

AUG 6 10:30-1:30p $69

Pre-register: www.anatomysense.com/registration
See Events page for details

 O N G
I N G  Classes   
                                                         Pass or Walk-In   

                    SUNRISE 6a class begin JULY 5-July 29!  Rise & Shine Yogis!

Mon - FrBegins TUES 7/5 
6-7a Sunrise Yoga (all levels!)...Beth 7/18-29

9:30-10:45a Yoga Mix (all levels!)...Shawn  Jutta 7/25
1-3p Thai Yoga Therapy
 (by appointment)...Shawn 

5:45-7p Middendorf Breathwork (all levels!)...Jutta  7/25-8/15  4wk 
7:15-8:45p Align & Refine...
  Jutta  8/1

9:30-10:45a  Morning Flow..
Shawn    Landie 7/26

1-3p Thai Yoga Therapy
 (by appointment)...Shawn 
12-1p Nia (dance!)...Laura  Returns Sept 6
3:45-5p Yoga Mix (all levels!)...Shawn  Jutta 7/26
7:15-8:45p i-Rest (Integrative Restorative)...Beth McGibbon Special class 7/19, 8/16
(Begins AUG) 5:45-7p Slow Evening Flow...Landie  $5 Special AUG 2, 9 ,16

9:30-10:45a  Morning Flow..Shawn    Landie 7/27

11:15-12:30p Yoga Mix...Sandy Nolting   
$5 Community Evening Flow...
    Landie 7/20   Kathryn 7/27

7:15-8:30p Yin Yoga with Myofascial Release...Jutta    

9:30-10:45a Morning Flow...Tim   Beth 7/21 7/28

12-1p Nia (dance!)...Laura Returns Sept 6
4-5:15p Gentle Yoga with Myofascial Release ...Jutta Henrici 
5:45-7p Farmer's Market Flow (all levels!)...Tim  Beth 7/21 7/28
7:15-8:30p Yoga Mix (all levels!)...Tim   Beth 7/21 7/28

9:30-10:45a Yoga Mix (all levels!)...Sandy   
11:15-12:15p 'Before' Newbies...Sandy (instructor approval) 
12:30-3p Yoga Therapy...
Sandy (by appointment)   

8:30-9:45a Yoga Mix...Tim   Beth 7/23   Jutta 7/30
10-11:15a Summer Meditation..Jennifer/Melanie summer sits 6/25  7/23  8/27

9-10:30a $5 Community Morning Flow... Shawn  7/17, 7/31  Kat 7/24 

Sattva Sundays 

3-5p Yin Yoga...Cyndi (1st Sun monthly)  Returns October 2
3-5p Yoga Restorative..Shawn/Beth 
(3rd Sundays)   Returns Sept 18
11-12:30p Soul Motion Dance...Brietta & Laura (monthly) Returns Sept 25

                  FALL SE S S I
 N Classes
                                                                    by pre-registration 

                                                   SEPT 10-OCT 14 
                                                       5 weeks $59

Yoga Newbies return SEPT 12- OCT 14.  If you wish to begin learning yoga this summer, you will find our YOGA MIX (all ability levels) classes as a great starting point. 

Pre-register for
FALL SESSIONS using email contact form at the bottom of this page.  
Pre-payment reserves your space, remitted as cash/check endorsed to instructor.
Payments may be dropped by the studio or mailed to:  
                        South Perry Yoga
                        PO Box 30306
                        Spokane, Wa. 99223

September Sessions

11:15-12:30p Yoga Newbies I...Shawn Brow 
5:45-7p Yoga Newbies I...
Tim Wichland   
7:15-8:45p i-Rest (Integrative Restorative)...Beth McGibbon 


11:15-12:30p Yoga Newbies I...
Sandy Nolting 
3:45-5p Yoga for Kids...Lauren Merrithew    Kids Session 5 weeks for $55/ $12 single class

4-5:15p Gentle Yoga with Myofascial Release ...Jutta Henrici  
7:15-8:30p Beyond Newbies I...Tim Wichland   

??? Prenatal Yoga 4- 5:15 or 4:30- 5:45p...Jutta Henrici
If you are interested in the FRI Prenatal class for FALL, please send us an email! We need a minimum of 6 students.  
10-11:15a Intro to Meditation
11:30-12:45p Yoga Newbies I...Lauren Merrithew

Prenatal Yoga 1-2:15p...Jutta Henrici
Yoga Newbies I  11:30-12:45p...Lauren Merrithew   

Debbie Miller's beautiful assortment of singing Bowls. 

Session or Workshop Pre-registration & Information




To pre-register:
Please include class or workshop name, day, time and instructor.

Thank you for connecting with us! You may expect a reply to your inquiry soon.
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